Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alison Cherry: RED

Here's the important stuff:

Alison grew up in Evanston, IL, then went to Harvard University and got a degree in photography. (Yes, that is possible, though they like to call it "Visual and Environmental Studies" there, for some unknown reason.) She spent the next three years working as a freelance lighting designer for theaters throughout the Northeast. Eventually, she got tired of hanging out on ladders and wrestling with faulty electrical equipment for 14 hours a day while being paid almost nothing. (Shocking, right?) Now she lives in Brooklyn with her two enormous cats and works as a photographer for the Metropolitan Opera. She has gotten really good at sneakily writing at her desk during business hours. Please don't tell her boss.

Some less important stuff:

If Alison could pick a superpower, she would choose teleportation. Her favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus. She has accurately predicted the sex of every single one of her friends' babies. When people do nice things for her, she likes to say thank you by writing parodies of overplayed pop songs for them. She can do the complete "Thriller" dance, which she hopes will help her blend in in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Alison always makes wishes at 11:11 and takes great care to make sure they're loophole-free. We've all seen "Bedazzled." We know what can happen.

Alison is represented by the lovely and amazing Holly Root of Waxman Agency. Her debut, RED, will be published by Delacorte in the summer of 2013. RED is set in the small town of Scarletville, Iowa, where the redness of your hair is directly tied to your social standing, until the coolest and reddest girl in school is blackmailed on the eve of the Miss Scarlet Pageant.

Visit Alison at or on Twitter (@alison_cherry).

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  1. Hello, fellow photographer! So nice to meet you. Your book sounds great. Can't wait to read it!