Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amy Christine Parker
Amy was born in Pennsylvania and spent most of her early years there. Many of her best memories are of hiding out in her room where she made up elaborate pretend play scenarios most often involving orphaned baby dolls and Barbies dressed in fashions made out of Kleenex.

Amy was always attracted to writing, but she tried a lot of other jobs on for size first before settling into writing full time. At some point or another, she has been a collectible doll-maker, a fondue waitress, an inner city school teacher, and a stay at home mom. Currently she is writing full time and lives in a suburb of Tampa, Florida with her very supportive husband, their two creative and energetic daughters, one absurdly fat orange cat, and two escape artist mice.

Her absolute favorite superstition is holding her breath whenever she passes a graveyard. Supposedly it's to keep the ghosties from following you home. And she's pretty diligent about it because the one time she wasn't able to hold her breath while in front of a graveyard, a ghost actually did! Well, okay, this is not entirely the time she lived in a very old house right across the street from a graveyard and holding her breath everyday--all day would've been impossible--not to mention the ghost had already been in residence looooong before she got there...but STILL.

You can find her here and here and here AND even here.

Amy Christine Parker is repped by Lucienne DIver with The Knight Agency. her debut, THE SILO, will be published by Random House, Fall 2013.

THE SILO, a contemporary YA with a dystopic feel. It follows a teenage girl named Lyla who has been living in a religious cult after the disappearance of her sister. While her parents are hopelessly under the sway of the group’s leader, Pioneer, Lyla is drawn into a dangerous situation when she begins to question Pioneer’s prophecy about the impending apocalypse

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