Thursday, October 13, 2011

Betsy Cornwell: TIDES

I'm currently a Catholic (grad)schoolgirl at Notre Dame's MFA program in creative writing, where despite not being actually Catholic I do occasionally wear knee socks. I also teach fiction writing and assistant-teach film and television studies. Both are great fun, since I'm a geek girl of the writing sort and also of the film-and-TV sort, particularly Doctor Who and the general oeuvre of Joss Whedon.

When I'm not writing (which oh dear I should do more often) or watching Buffy (which I do too much) I enjoy cooking, knitting, reading (of course), foolish dancing, snobby indie concerts, and a good single-malt Scotch (when I can afford it, which is basically never). My first book, Tides, is coming from Clarion/HMH in Spring 2013, with Mechanica, a steampunk fairy tale, following in 2014.
Also, I'm really tall.

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About the book: Tides tells the story of Noah, an eighteen-year-old who moves to his grandmother's cottage on New England's Isles of Shoals for a summer internship in marine biology. His younger sister, Lo, tags along with him, hoping to escape the pressures of their parents' house and spend time recovering from her eating disorder. Neither expects an eventful summer, but soon after arriving at the Shoals, they learn about their grandmother's tumultuous, decades-long relationship with a woman who is a selkie, or seal shapeshifter. Noah falls for the selkie's daughter, Mara, and when they learn that his mentor at the aquarium is kidnapping young selkies and experimenting on their sealskins, Noah, Mara, and Lo must work together to save Mara's family and the future of the Shoals.

My favorite superstition: I particularly enjoy the supposed bad luck of black cats, since my own large black cat, Nick (or Old Nick, when I need a familiar) has been a pretty benign/good-luck-bringing presence. He crosses my path all the time, and it seems to be going OK so far.

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