Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elizabeth May: THE FALCONER

Ever seen Romancing the Stone? It stars the lovely Kathleen Turner and the dashing Michael Douglas, and includes a treasure map, a massive gemstone, a dense rainforest, romance, Michael Douglas' smouldering expressions, and -- oh, did I mention that Turner's character is a romance writer?

So when I was little, after watching this movie so many times, I decided that I wanted to be a romance writer. It was the only way I would ever find myself on a treasure hunting adventure with a gorgeous guy who would kiss me passionately at the end.

I grew up and realized it would probably never happen like that, but by then I had already become obsessed with writing. So, I wrote a lot. Crappy things. Awful things. About elf princesses and half-breed vampires and witches and demons and kissing, kissing, kissing.

Eventually, I went to university and wrote more terrible books. After I graduated, I queried one of these. It didn't go well.

I went to graduate school and wrote a better book in my spare time. I rewrote this book two more times and went through many rounds of edits before querying it. Some agents liked Shiny Book, including one with a client list full of authors that I love. His name is Russell Galen, and now he represents me.

Shiny Book, which is actually called THE FALCONER, will be published by Gollancz in the UK and Chronicle Children's Books in the US. It has evil faeries and fighting and technology and Victorian era things. Oh, and kissing. Some things never change.

Book Description: Humans will be the hunted. Love will be tested. Vengeance will be had.

18-year-old Lady Aileana Kameron was destined to live a life carefully planned around Edinburgh’s social events — until a faery killed her mother.

Now, it's the 1844 winter season. Between the seeming endless parties and boring dances, Aileana has a new hobby: she secretly slaughters the fae who prey on humans in the city’s dark alleyways, and is determined to track down the faery who murdered her mother.

Vengeance has become Aileana's life . . . so she never anticipated her growing attraction to the magnetic Kiaran MacKay, the faery who trained her to kill his own kind. Or that there was a world beyond hers, filled with secrets which affect her past and have the potential to destroy her present.

But when her own world is about revenge, and when she holds Kiaran’s fate in her hands, how far is Aileana prepared to go to avenge her mother’s murder?

Favourite Superstition: Put an iron object in an infant's cot to ward against faeries.

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