Thursday, October 13, 2011

Emma Trevayne: CODA

Emma's traveled around so much she's not sure where she is most of the time, but technically Canada is home.  After years of scribbling in notebooks while riding around on trains in Europe, she settled down and began to write more seriously.

Just after Christmas of 2010, she got hit in the face by the idea for what was lovingly known for months as Weird Novel.  She spent the first five months of 2011 writing and editing, then queried and signed with Meredith Barnes of Lowenstein Associates.  

She agrees with Neil Gaiman on writers--"My people, we stay indoors.  We have keyboards.  We have darkness."--but can usually be trusted to leave the house for a decent concert, most often of the indie-guys-with-guitars variety.  Otherwise, she can be found squirreled away with her embarrassingly large record collection and equally embarrassingly large dog, who is well-trained to keep her toes warm while she writes.

Online, she can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, and her blog.

Loves: Vinyl, chocolate, shoes, cocktails, good books, and New York City.  She apologizes for what she did to the latter in CODA.

Favorite superstition: Birds kind of freak her out, but she loves the magpie rhyme.  

DEBUT:  YA sci-fi/cyberpunk novel CODA (Running Press Kids, Spring 2013.)

Citizen N4003--Anthem, to his friends--hates the Corporation that rules his city with greed and guns, despite their best efforts to keep him and the rest of the population too high to care.  Tracking is the drug of the 2200s: all it takes is a pair of headphones or nights in a neon-lit club, letting the music encoded with subliminal messages into a powerful drug take over your mind…and slowly kill you.

Someone has to take a stand; after a series of tragedies and out of fear for his little brother and sister, Anthem decides it's him.  With the help of the illegal, underground band he fronts, he sets in motion a cascade of events that endanger his family, his friends, and the girl he loves.

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