Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jessica Young: MY BLUE IS HAPPY

Jessica Young grew up in Thunder Bay, a small Canadian city on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It was a wee bit chilly. She somehow made it through high school, college, and a Master’s degree without realizing how much she loved writing. It wasn’t until she had her first child and wrote a picture book for him that it occurred to her she might want to be an author.

While she is currently an art teacher, Jessica has
also been a: tree planter, art therapist, museum outreach coordinator, lifeguard, homeless shelter art and music group leader, flower factory bouquet arranger, wilderness program canoe trip guide, and (absolutely terrible) waitress.

She loves painting, picnics, dancing, dark chocolate and dark roast coffee, music, the color blue, the beach, attending SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) conferences, biking, cooking, raspberries, kayaking, salt & vinegar chips, and books.

She can be found on her website and Twitter and hanging out at outdoor caf├ęs.

Favorite superstition: Finger crossing -- she's done it reflexively since she was little!

Jessica is represented by Kelly Sonnack at Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Her first picture book, MY BLUE IS HAPPY, will be published by Candlewick Press (Fall 2013).

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  1. I cross my fingers too! Can't help it. So nice to meet you.