Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liz Fichera: HOOKED

About the girl:  I'm Liz.  I grew up in a little suburb outside of Chicago called Park Ridge.  Somehow I wound up in Arizona after college, never thinking I'd stay longer than a year among cactus and people who'd never seen snow.  I was very wrong.  Turns out, Arizona has grown on me and most of my stories are set in the American Southwest.  I still return to Chicago a couple of times a year to satisfy my pizza and big city cravings. 

About the book:  HOOKED is my debut young adult novel.  It releases from Harlequin Teen in early 2013.  It's about a Native American girl who joins an all boys' golf team in Phoenix, Arizona.  Much rustling of feathers and kissing occurs along the way.

Favorite Superstition:  I can't see a falling star without making a wish.  Of course, I never tell anyone the wish because then it wouldn't come true, right?

This and that:  I spend way too much time on Twitter and Facebook.  You can find all my links on my web page.  Please visit!  I supply virtual chocolate and have been known to talk at length about Lost and Seinfeld reruns and the occasional wacky YouTube videos.  I'm also very lucky to be represented by Holly Root at Waxman Literary Agency.  My favorite color is green.


  1. Love the premise of this story! My tweeners will surely be reading it. Best of luck on your publishing adventure, LIz!

  2. Sounds intriguing Liz. Congratulations! I know many young girls including my daughter who would love a story like Hooked.