Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lydia Kang: CONTROL

I'm a geek girl at heart with a love of reading and writing that always fell to the sidelines. After a long time in New York City, I got my MD, began practicing Internal Medicine and started a family. Yet the whole time, I couldn't squash a stubborn inclination to write.

So finally, I did. I wrote non-fiction and poetry, and a few years ago scratched that itch (the novel writing one) and wrote a YA book. After a lot of work and practice, my third try snagged me an agent (the wonderful Eric Myers of the Spieler Agency) and my YA sci-fi book, CONTROL, will be coming out in spring of 2013 (Dial Books for Young Readers).

I now live in the midwest with my husband, three kids, and a terrarium full of stick bugs.

About the book: 17 year-old Zelia has a fatal flaw, and it's not being a lab geek or dressing like a small troll. She must consciously breathe every breath or she'll die. When her sister is abducted for an illegal "Fountain of Youth" gene no one knew she possessed, Zelia must align herself with an underground foster home full of genetically altered freaks. It will take her flaws, their traits, and every single breath to save her sister, because it's not just a life at stake--it's a life that's worth forever.

Oh, and there's a good bit of romance in there as well. More than a pinch, and less than a truckload. ;)

Superstition: I am a science girl. I believe in gravity and the periodic table of elements. So I have no explanation whatsoever for why I knock on wood, won't walk under ladders, and get giddy over four leaf clovers.

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  1. So excited for you, Lydia! Well I am excited about the book! How do I get a signed copy? I am a fan and the book is not out yet.


  2. Stick insects scare. Even butterflies. *shudder*

    Anyhoo, I get to know more about Fountain! Can't wait.

  3. Hey Jas, I'd love to sign a copy! You'll have to wait until 2013 though. :(

    Fiona, I'm fascinated by bugs but I won't touch them. I leave that part to my hubs and son. Brr.

  4. So glad you're here! Can't wait to read your book.