Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meet Liz Coley, author of Pretty Girl-13

After writing seriously for more than ten years, I'm feeling the luck! My novel Pretty Girl-13 is scheduled for release in early 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books of HarperCollins.

When thirteen-year-old Angela Gracie Chapman looks in the mirror, someone else looks back--a thin, pale stranger, a sixteen-year-old with haunted eyes. Angie has no memory of the past three years, years in which she was lost to the authorities, lost to her family and friends, lost even to herself. Where has she been, who has been living her life, and what is she hiding behind the terrible blankness? There are secrets you can't even tell yourself.

That's the set up for a story that came to me in a flash (in the shower, if you must know) in 2009. After a summer of research, I wrote most of it during Nanowrimo 2009. It was edited in 2010, sold in 2011, and scheduled for release in 2013. Pretty Girl-13 is my seventh complete manuscript.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband Brian, my 13-year old daughter, a snoring dog, and a limping old cat. My two boys are away in college, and I miss them somethin' awful. I joined SCBWI and started attending writing conferences several years ago. I also regularly attend a wonderful SF&F genre conference for readers and writers (Context). I maintain a circle of writing buddies, and we keep each other going with coffee and encouragement. Visit me at, then wander over to, which promotes my self-published 2012 novel Out of Xibalba. I've contributed to several anthologies, which you can find on my Amazon Author Page.

Taped on my computer are my "lucky charms"--the 15 Chinese cookie fortunes I collected over the years which spoke to my writing aspirations.

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  1. Love that this came to you in the shower! Can't wait to read it.