Thursday, October 13, 2011

Melanie Crowder: PARCHED

Melanie writes fiction for children, and considers herself very fortunate indeed to be a Lucky 13. If she's not writing or teaching, Melanie is probably outdoors adventuring, or trying to keep the growing green things in her garden alive, or reading a good book.

While curled up with one such book on loan from the library, a lucky charm of sorts fell into Melanie's hands. It was a piece of paper, carefully creased and tucked. Remember Middle School—the flurry of origamic notes that passed under desks and through locker grates? This was one of those, only it didn't contain gossip or a check-yes-or-no prompt inside. Instead, it opened to reveal the drawings of a reader completely drawn in by the world she had discovered in the pages of that book. Melanie keeps this lucky charm above her writing desk to remind her that children's authors write for the most enthusiastic, most dedicated, most willing-to-be-swept-away readers out there!

A graduate of the VCFA MFA in Writing program, Melanie is repped by the fabulous Ammi-Joan Paquette. 

Melanie's debut middle grade novel, PARCHED, will be published by Harcourt Children's Books in the spring of 2013. Told in three voices and set in a near future scarred by drought and devastation,  PARCHED  is a story of survival, and of hope.

Find Melanie on her webpage, blog, Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads pages.

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