Thursday, October 13, 2011


Mindy McGinnis has been a YA librarian in the public school system for nine years, so she knows all about infections that come with facial piercing and tattoos done at home. She excels in teachable moments, such as informing students that while "dildo" is not technically a swear word, it will earn you a detention when shouted in public.

Mindy loves black cats, and encourages them to cross her path. Superstition Secret: If you pet them, it takes the bad luck away.

Mindy blogs at Writer, Writer Pants on Fire, and contributes to the group blog From the Write Angle.  She can also be found on Twitter and Goodreads. Mindy serves the writing community at AgentQuery Connect as a site moderator under the screenname bigblackcat97, more affectionately called BBC.

Mindy is represented by Adriann Ranta of Wolf Literary. Her debut, NOT A DROP TO DRINK will be published by Katherine Tegen / Harper Collins Fall, 2013.

NOT A DROP TO DRINK, the story of a teenage girl surviving in a rural America where an ounce of fresh water is worth more than gold and death wanders the countryside as thirst, cholera, and the guns of strangers; when her mother dies in an accident, the girl must decide between defending her pond alone or banding together with a crippled neighbor, a pregnant woman, a filthy orphan, and a teenage boy who awakens feelings she doesn’t understand.

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