Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mindy Raf: The Symptoms of My Insanity

Hello! I’m Mindy!

I live in Brooklyn.

I perform stand-up, musical comedy, storytelling.

I mostly play guitar, and autoharp, and pretend I know how to play the piano, melodica, and bongo drums.

In my youth (20s) I wrote a relationship column for CollegeHumor.

I have a comedy alter-ego named Leibya Rogers who made a full length live vinyl record of mock chick rock. What? Yes.

I came into writing YA after my editor saw me do stand-up at tiny room in Chinatown called The Teabag. What? Yes.

I feel extremely lucky and honored to have this opportunity to write and share this story and be debut YA author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My young adult contemporary novel THE SYMPTOMS OF MY INSANITY will be published in April 2013 by DIAL (Penguin Young Readers)

From the amazon, and the goodreads, and the ARC copy:

Imagine Woody Allen as a 16-year-old girl in this hilarious tale of growing up in the suburban Midwest.

Izzy is a hypochondriac with enormous boobs that won’t stop growing, a mother with a rare disease who’s hiding something, a best friend who appears to have undergone a personality transplant, and a date with an out-of-her-league athlete who just spilled Gatorade all over her. Yes, Izzy Skymen has a hectic life. But what Izzy doesn’t realize is that these are only minor symptoms of life’s insanity. When she discovers the people she trusts most are withholding from her the biggest secrets, things are about to get epic—or is it epidemic?
A laugh-out-loud, bittersweet debut full of wit, wisdom, heart, and one hilarious, unforgettable heroine.

Stalk me, add me, like me, follow me?

Lucky 13-themed superstitions?

I knock on wood, I don’t open umbrellas indoors, and I’ve bird pooped on  3 times !!! while walking in NYC. Are there bird poop superstitions?

I will now write some:

“Bird poop from the above and you will find true love”
“Bird poop in the hair, good fortune you share”
“Bird poop once, bird poop again, three times you’ll make one new friend”

I’m so sorry if you’re still reading, um . . .go back to that part about my book.

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