Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nicole Maggi: SHIFT

After writing for ten years, I definitely think it takes a lot more hard work than luck to publish a book!  But I still feel very lucky and blessed to have been given a publishing contract.

I started out writing historical fiction, and that's how I landed my agent, the fabulous Irene Goodman of The Irene Goodman Literary Agency.  But after an epiphany (seriously!) I realized the little story I was working on that was set in 16th century Italy needed to be a contemporary paranormal YA.  And that's the book that got me my 3-book deal with HarperTeen.

Although I was an East Coast girl all my life - born in upstate New York, college in Boston, lived in New York City for a decade - in 2007 the lure of sunshine and fresh avocados lured me to Southern California.  Now I live in Los Angeles, CA with my amazingly supportive husband and daughter Emilia.  In my past life, I was an actress; though I still act, my focus now is on my writing (and being a mom!).  In my very limited spare time, I also enjoy yoga, hiking, baking (and eating what I bakes), reading on my Nook, and indulging in guilty pleasure television.  You can follow me at:

DEBUT: SHIFT (HarperTeen, Winter 2013)

Based on the Italian legend of the Benandanti, sixteen-year-old Alessia Jacobs discovers she is part of the ancient clan of warriors who can shapeshift their souls into various animals, and is drawn into their centuries-old conflict with the evil Malandanti in order to protect the world's magical sites from their control.  But as she struggles to maintain the balance between her duty to the Benandanti and her normal life, everything begins to fall apart and her two worlds collide with devastating consequences. SHIFT is the first book in the Twin Willows Trilogy.

Favorite superstition:  I will never, ever walk under a ladder!  I'll cross a street and walk in the opposite direction if I have to.  Most people don't know why walking under a ladder is bad luck, so here's the reason: in the days before the gallows were invented, people were hung by a noose strung from the rung of a ladder.  It is believed that a ladder's triangle of space still contains all the spirits of the people who were hung that way.

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  1. Always wondered why walking under a ladder was bad luck. Congrats on the three book deal.