Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steven dos Santos: THE TORCH KEEPER

Steven dos Santos is represented by Ginger Knowlton of Curtis Brown, LTD. Born in New York City, Steven moved to Florida at the tender age of five (It was his parent's decision, not like he took off on his own and said "See Ya!" although that would have made for a more interesting bio). He wrote his first book, THE ENCHANTED PRINCE, when he was a second grader. It was a critical success--at least his teacher, The 'Rents, and fellow seven year-old classmates thought so--and the book went through several printings, each consisting of one copy.

Steven graduated from Florida International University with a B.S. Degree from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, so naturally he went, before realizing if he was going to make a living telling "creative truths," he may as well write fictional stories.

He loves movies, particularly ones about things that go bump in the night, as well as sci-fi and fantasy. Chocolate, Cheesecake, and Happy Endings are nice, too!

When not glued to his computer coming up with innovative ways to torture his characters, Steven can be found skulking away on his website, amassing an army on facebook, and sending unanswered tweets to celebrities who, for some inexplicable reason, choose to ignore him on twitter.

His Favorite Superstition: Black cats that lurk under ladders while flicking salt from their paws give him the willies!

THE TORCH KEEPER (FLUX, Winter 2013): This Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic thriller chronicles 16 year-old Lucian Spark's harrowing struggle to save the life of his younger brother, Cole, by surviving a sadistic military recruitment, where each of the five recruits must face the horrifying fate that awaits not only them, but their loved ones, should the recruits fail to perform.


  1. anxiously awaiting my copy of the Torch Keeper and looove those scary movies, too! good luck Lucky 13's! We'll be watching and cheering from the good seats!

  2. Way to go, Steven! Love your insight into all things that entertain... keep your blogs coming! 2013 and The Torch Keeper can't come soon enough!!

  3. Thank you Stacie and David! You guys have been truly supportive and it means A LOT!

  4. Scary movies terrify me but I'm onboard with the Chocolate, Cheesecake, and Happy Endings!