Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm a Jersey girl, born and bred. But this doesn't mean I'm into spray tans, big hair, and air-brushed t-shirts. Instead, this Jersey girl is addicted to children's books. Yes, I know, I'm an oddity of J.T. Barnum proportion.

My debut picture book, THE MONSTORE, will be released by Aladdin/Simon & Schuster the summer of 2013, illustrated by former Disney, Nickelodeon & Jim Henson animator James Burks (yeah, he's really good). Ammi-Joan Paquette of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency represents my work (she's really good, too).

THE MONSTORE sells only the most useful monsters, just right for doing tricky things around the house. But THE MONSTORE has only one rule: no returns or exchanges. In other words, what could possibly go wrong?

My second picture book with Aladdin, I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAR BOOK, will be released in 2014. Yes, I know that's a long time away. I just hope I'm still alive by then!

I host Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) annually in November as the picture book writer's alternative to NaNoWriMo. Join hundreds of writers in the 30-picture-book-ideas-in-30-days challenge at my blog, Writing for Kids (While Raising Them), and follow the fun on Twitter. Yes, there's prizes!

I'm a sucker for anything written by Roald Dahl. I have a side job as a boogeyman assassin, hired by my two daughters--but sorry--I'm booked at 3am nightly. I was a former competitive figure skater and I love spitting watermelon seeds crazy distances. I try to write bios that make me sound witty and interesting, but I often fail.

Favorite superstition? I always knock on wood. I even carry a wood keychain around just in case there's nothing but metal and plastic!

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  1. You're so talented! I'm equally as impressed with the spitting watermelon seeds ability as I am with the competitive figure skating ability.