Friday, November 4, 2011

Words on the Page

When I saw the topic for the week, I got really excited. I dreamt of making a timeline of my perfect day and contrasting it with my real day. I thought of cheeky activities and silly ways to talk about it. Then I kind of really thought about the topic and it all went out the window in a bout of Seriousness. Spoils all the fun, doesn't it? So...

My perfect writing day is the same as my real writing day. Because any day I write is a perfect writing day. Make sense?

For me, writing is the joy. I complain and waste too much time on the internet just like anyone else, but no one's making me write. So to say, gosh, my ideal writing day looks nothing like what I actually do would presume that the part about writing I enjoy is the circumstantial differences between the reality and the ideal. It's not. Sure, I enjoy expanses of time to write, and no distractions, but they're beside the point.

My perfect writing day is the day I get words on the page.

If there's a martini and cake afterward, so much the better.

Jessica Corra is only nominally crazy. She grew up in the Pennsylvania Coal Regions and escaped to Philadelphia for college, where she has stayed since. She does, however, miss the pierogies. Her debut YA magical realism, AFTER YOU, will be published in Spring 2013 by Dial BFYR. Find her on Twitter and the blogosphere.

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  1. Great points, Jessica. I know exactly what you mean. Even if I just grab 15 minutes before work in the morning to jot down an idea, edit a sentence from the week before, or brainstorm a new plot point, I consider that a wonderful "writing day."