Friday, April 13, 2012

The 13th Day: Super-Awesome-Bomb-Diggity News!

Some people may think that the number 13 is unlucky, but not those of us at The Lucky 13s!

In fact, we're celebrating the 13th day of each month by featuring all the fabulous stuff that's been happening to The Lucky 13s.

Please raise a glass to our super-awesome-bomb-diggity news....

Elsie Chapman's book DUALED now has a sequel coming out!
Elsie Chapman’s companion novel to Dualed, to Chelsea Eberly at Random House Children’s, for publication in 2013, by Steven Chudney from The Chudney Agency.

Amie Kaufman's book got its official title...THESE BROKEN STARS!

Kristin Halbrook's NOBODY BUT US will be translated into Complex Chinese:
International rights: Children's Complex Chinese rights to Kristin Halbrook's NOBODY BUT US, to Liz Chang at Ecus, in a nice deal, by Gray Tan at The Grayhawk Agency on behalf of Jacqueline Murphy at FinePrint Literary Management.

Megan Shepherd's book THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER was optioned by Paramount Pictures with Fake Empire producing.

Imogen Howson sold German rights to Heyne Fleigtfor for her book LINKED!

Amy Tinera sold foreign rights to her book REBOOT:
Rights to Amy Tintera's REBOOT, to Allen & Unwin in Australia and New Zealand; to MAG in Poland; and to Lattes in France, by The Fielding Agency on behalf of Emmanuelle Morgen at Stonesong.

Alex Lidell received her book CADET OF TILDOR's release date...January 10, 2013!

Amy McCulloch's press release went up in The Bookseller for her book THE OATHBREAKER'S SHADOW. Read it here!

Woo-hoo, Lucky 13s!

Rachele Alpine is represented by Dystel and Goderich and her young adult comtemporary novel CANARY will be published in the summer of 2013 by Medallion Press.

She blogs, or you can find her on Facebook and Goodreads.


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