Thursday, April 26, 2012

Apocalypse Now: An interview with Dan Haring, author of OLDSOUL

Today I am thrilled to welcome debut author Dan Haring to the blog! Dan is the author of OLDSOUL, an action-packed YA paranormal that will be available in the US from April 24th. 

Jason Gouvas doesn’t want to believe he has special abilities or that he's an Oldsoul - a vessel for the souls of people who have passed away, but the dead girl in his mind can be very persuasive. Her name is Erin, and through her Jason is able to access the knowledge and skills of the souls within him. And with a group of power-hungry immortals bent on destroying the Oldsouls and overthrowing humanity, he's going to need them all.

Publisher: Pendrell Publishing (April 24, 2012)

Hi Dan and welcome to the Lucky 13s blog. First let me say how much I enjoyed reading your book. OLDSOUL is a very unique take on Paranormal. Where did the idea come from?

Thank you. It basically started with the term “old soul”, meaning someone who is wise beyond their years. I decided that someone who had a bunch of dead people’s spirits living inside him might have reason to be considered an old soul. It was something that I didn't think had been done before, or at least if it had been, wasn't too common, and it just went from there.

The story is full of twists, turns and surprises. Did you plot the story in detail before writing, or was the writing a journey of discovery?

It was very much pantsed. I had a few vague ideas of where I wanted the story to go, and I would come up with certain events or things I wanted to happen along the way, but I never sat down and made an outline or anything. It might have saved me some trouble if I had, but it was also really fun to just write and see where the story took me.

Which was the most difficult scene for you to write?

I don't remember a scene in particular. But I wanted to keep it fast-paced, and at times it was hard getting exposition in there without being boring, especially in the beginning. Hopefully I did an okay job.

One of the characters I most enjoyed reading was Erin. How did you go about creating a character with no physical presence? Did you find it more challenging to characterize her than the others?

Thank you. She turned out to be my favorite character besides Jason. Since she was basically just a disembodied voice, I knew her personality had to come through in her dialog with Jason. I had a ton of fun playing them off each other. The story is told through Jason's POV, and she's always right there with him, so it was probably a little easier to characterize her than others because of that.

Does music inspire your writing? Does OLDSOUL have a playlist?

I usually listen to music while I write, and for OLDSOUL the albums I listened to most were Gaslight Anthem's "The '59 Sound" and American Steel's "Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts" as well as a bunch of Social Distortion.

Although the story ties up neatly at the end, there clearly lots of possibilities for sequels too (Erin’s past is particularly intriguing). Any plans for a sequel?

It's planned as a trilogy, and Erin's past will play heavily into book two. At least that's the plan. I'm still pantsing it...

I'm looking forward to reading the sequels! Finally, in the spirit of The Lucky 13s, do you have a favourite superstition?

Ooh, I have a couple. I never pick up a penny unless it's heads up. And I do the "star light, star bright" wish. And I make a wish whenever I see the clock read 11:11. I guess I'm pretty superstitious.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit us Dan and congratulations on the launch of your debut novel.


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This interview was conducted by Lucky 13s member Helen Douglas as part of an ongoing series of interviews with The Apocalypsies – YA, MG, and children’s book authors debuting in 2012.


  1. Another interesting interview. OLD SOULS sounds great, a wonderful idea. And congratulations Dan on your book venturing out into the world! Hope you're celebrating.


  2. Congratulations, Dan. Sounds like a great book. I love the cover as well. Thanks for this interview, Helen!