Wednesday, September 5, 2012

These Boots Were Made for Walking (and Maybe Kicking @$$)

So, this week we’re talking about what our main characters have in their closet/their wardrobe.  In VENGEANCE BOUND, Amelie (who also goes by the alias of Cory) spends her days trying to be normal and her nights tracking down the targets the Furies feed to her.  Not exactly an easy life.

Which made me stop and think, hmmm, what does a teenage vigilante have in her closet?

Well, pretty much this:

Yeah, the cover art pretty much nails what Cory/Amelie would wear.  Kick-ass boots, jeans, a jacket, and a “You think you want some of this?” look. 

I mean, if you spent your nights hunting down murderers, what would you wear?  A prom dress?

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