Thursday, October 4, 2012

October, thanks for being good to me.

The blog topic this week is – This time 1 (or 2) years ago.

I love October. It’s my birthday month, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and the hot, humid summer temperatures finally start fading away. So, I started thinking back and realized October 2010 and 2011 were very significant for me and my writing career. It’s almost weird, really.

October 2010 - THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING was not the first book I wrote. Before RULES, I wrote a paranormal young adult story that I was sure was THE BOOK. I queried it for several months with a few full requests but nothing really panned out. A friend of mine who has published several westerns suggested I enter a writing contest to see if I could gain some recognition that way. No problem. There were a few choices but the only one that fit my time frame – like right now because who likes waiting – was the Santa Fe Writers Project. I entered and held my breath. Surprisingly, I made the first three cuts and ended up in the TOP 11. I know, 11. Weird. The winners were announced the second week of October and while I was bummed I didn’t place in the top 3 – It was really encouraging that I got so close. There were approximately 450 people who entered. I decided to put the paranormal away – very hard to do when you’ve spent so much time with those characters – and try something different. I don’t know if I would have done that without the confidence boost from the contest.

Fast forward one year – October 2011 – I had written Rules, landed a fab agent and my manuscript went on submission the first week of October. Here I am again, waiting it out. Will anyone love it? Will a publisher offer to buy it? What will I do if it doesn’t sell?

But thankfully, it did! And to a great publisher. I accepted the deal with Disney Hyperion on October 28th.

This October finds me working diligently on the sequel, waiting anxiously to share my cover art for RULES and looking forward to a fabulous 2013 pub year with the Luckies!      

Ashley Elston lives in Louisiana with her husband and three sons. Her debut, THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING, will be published by Disney Hyperion in May 2013. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook and you can add her book to your shelf on Goodreads.

She is now accepting suggestions for Halloween costumes.


  1. Hooray for October deals! (And October birthdays--mine is, too!)

  2. I love October too!! Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays!!