Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Powerball Worthy Writing Day

What would a perfect writing day look like? That's a question right up there with: what would you do if you had the winning ticket to the $550 million dollar Powerball jackpot? Of course, you are 33 times more likely to be stung by killer bees and 50 times as likely to be struck by lightening than you are to hit your Powerball numbers.

So where does that put the odds of having a perfect writing day? Somewhere around the killer bees maybe?

I would prefer to have my fantasy of a perfect writing day a little more within my grasp - so that maybe it would be only 10 times more likely to be attacked by killer bees than having it come true.

So here are some of my winning numbers for the perfect day:

Children who don't fight, whine, or cry. They eat the food they're given and are overjoyed when told that it's bedtime.

The house would be clean and tidy and dinner would already be cooked and waiting.

A cold or rainy day so that I am not looking out the window thinking how much I'd rather be outside.

I would find time to exercise and it would be super fun and invigorating and not at all torturous.

I would have a little downtime to read a wonderful book or catch up on some of the programs on my DVR.

And finally, I would get loads and loads of writing done. The words would flow from my fingertips onto the screen and every single one of them would be practically perfect. I would not be tempted to check my email. Or facebook. Or Pinterest. Or the latest sale at the Gap.

Now that would be a perfect writing day. I think it could totally happen. One day. And in the meantime... I'll make sure to avoid those killer bees.

Kate Karyus Quinn is the author of ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE, coming in 2013 from HarperTeen. You can find out more about her book on Goodreads, and read more about Kate on her blog or her website.

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