Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This week, the Lucky 13s are talking about the most difficult part of the whole debut novel process. Well, right now, the hardest part for me is writing my next book.

The thing is, I'm not just writing one book right now. I'm writing two.

One of them is a little like this:

and the other is sort of like this:

I'm not writing two stories at once because I'm in the middle of an epic trilogy, or because I want these revisions to take forever, and definitely not because I want to make this as difficult as absolutely possible.

It's because like any good relationship, my stories and I need some time away from each other. Time to breathe, to settle, to start again with new energy. So I work on one until I get stuck, then I switch to the other.

Which one will be ready first? Which one is the right one to follow my debut? No idea. But it's definitely worth all the hard work. And I can't wait to see how they turn out.


Melanie Crowder is the author of PARCHED, coming June 4th from Harcourt Children's Books, and available for preorder now!


  1. Wow, you go girl! I've worked on a few things at once, but never for a long period of time. The short period I did it, it was like a breath of fresh air when a story started getting stale. I like how it turns the excitement back on. Maybe I'll have to follow your example and get serious about multitasking. :)

  2. I totally agree, Melanie. I do the same thing.

    Even if one project breaks my heart, at least I have a backup. It's a kind of polygamy--a creative kind, one not prohibited by law. ;)

  3. I've done the same. I took a two month break between finishing my MG novel and starting on revisions. In the meantime I was working on another MG. It helped immensely to get away. When I returned to first novel, I was able to look at it with fresh eyes.

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