Thursday, December 27, 2012

Write A Little Note To Yourself

I did some laptop clean up last night. This mainly consisted of deleting the eighteen copies I somehow have of the same picture of my cat, attempting to organize the 200 files I decided would be a good idea to save on my desktop, and opening/re-naming/deleting/e-filing/reading very old Word documents.

Good times.

It can be inspiring though, going through all those old Word docs, finding old gems that just need to be dusted off with some new perspective. Well okay. . .not really. Most of the time I just end up finding something awful, like a poem called “The Dude on the Plaid Couch.” I soon turn into a confused, yet nostalgic, detective. I start document searching through my past, wondering not only what possessed me to I write a terrible poem about a dude and a plaid couch, but why on earth I decided to even save it?

Last night however, I did find a great old gem. Just the thing I needed. It was saved as 'DO IT GOD JUST DO IT' in January. This was during one my hardest revisions. My revision process was a long one. I went through, roughly, four pretty major re-writes of my book and January was one of the toughest. I was second guessing every single thing I wrote; every plot turn, every character's thought. So I wrote myself a motivational note, which I had completely forgotten about until now.

DO IT GOD JUST DO IT. Stop over-thinking everything! Don't re-write every 50 pages you do! Just KEEP GOING! It's good! It's not horrible! Remember your first draft? Look how far you've come! YOU CAN DO THIS! But you won't do it, it will NEVER happen, if you keep psyching yourself out! DO IT GOD JUST DO IT. WRITE WRITE WRITE! You know what to do. It's all in your head already, so just make some executive decisions, let it flow, try to enjoy yourself a little more, and finishing this baby up! You can do it! YEAH! Get excited! Do it! Write it! Finish it! NOW! NOW! NOW! 

Am I the only one who talks to themselves via Microsoft Word? I hope not, because almost a year ago it helped me through a tough revision. In fact, reading that again is motivating me right now. So go ahead and write yourself a little note. I highly recommend it.


Mindy Raf is a writer, comedy performer, and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and grew up in a Detroit suburb right around here (visualize someone pointing to the inner part of their thumb). She has written for VH1,, was a contributor to the “My Parents Were Awesome” anthology. 
Her debut YA novel The Symptoms of My Insanity comes out
April 2013 with DIAL (Penguin)


  1. Great advice. What a fun thing to find later :)

  2. Love this post. I'm going to go leave a note for myself right now :)

    Thanks and happy holidays,


  3. I need to write this note right now...for the book I'm on. Great post!