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Friday Q&A!

Welcome to our January Friday Q&A, and our first Q&A of our debut year! This month, I'm asking What would we love or hate about living in the setting in our books? And this time, I'm going to let the Luckies tell you in their own words:

Lenore Appelhans - LEVEL 2 (Add on Goodreads): "I would love getting to relive my memories in perfect detail in the Level 2 memory chambers, but I would hate to be trapped in the prison of a hive."

Amy Christine Parker - THE SILO (Add on Goodreads): "My setting is far from ideal - more to hate than to love. I'd hate the lack of independence the most. That and the feeling that everything I did would be under intense scrutiny from everyone else, even my loved ones. My MC doesn't exactly have it easy!"

Helen Douglas - AFTER EDEN (Add on Goodreads): "I *do* live in the physical setting of AFTER EDEN - Cornwall in 2012. I love the starry skies and the seascapes. But I'm glad there are no time-travelling assassins after me (there aren't - right?)."

Melissa Landers - ALIENATED
(Add on Goodreads): "The ALIENATED series is set on Earth as well as on L'eihr, and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to visit my fictional planet to explore the lush islands that make up most of its land mass. Would I want to live there? Uh...not so much. Their regimented way of life is a bit too intense for this laid-back gal."

Justina Ireland - VENGEANCE BOUND (Add on Goodreads): "Well, I kind of do live in the setting of my book, Pennsylvania! And it would be cool to know that someone is hunting the bad guys while I sleep. But I don't think I could survive going back to high school."

(Add on Goodreads): "I would love living in Violet's crumbling mansion on the sea with its secrets and its big sunny kitchen and its three cellars and its creepy, cluttered attic and its rotting tennis courts/maze/greenhouse."

Ryan Graudin - ALL THAT GLOWS (Add on Goodreads): "I would love to live in London and roam the halls of Buckingham palace at will! However, I would hate having to always be worried about dodging Green Women in nightclubs and Banshees and Black Dogs in dark alleys."

- (Add on Goodreads): "As a former San Diegan, I would love living in 1918 San Diego to see the idyllic seaside setting with fewer crowds and less land development, plus I would enjoy being part of the early years of flapper fashions. But I would hate enduring the deadly Spanish flu pandemic and the fear and pain involved with the First World War."

Lindsay Ribar - THE ART OF WISHING
(Add on Goodreads): "My book is set in modern-day northern New Jersey, which is where I grew up. The good part is that it's very close to New York! The bad part is that it's even closer to, well, New Jersey."

S. J. Laidlaw - AN INFIDEL IN PARADISE (Add on Goodreads):"AN INFIDEL IN PARADISE is set in Pakistan and many of the more dramatic events in the novel are based on events that actually happened while I was living there, so I did live in the setting of my novel. I didn't enjoy living through these particular events, which included anti-western demonstrations and bombings, but I loved the country. Kind, hospitable, Pakistanis, far outnumbered the few who were antagonistic." 

Demitria Lunetta - IN THE AFTER (Add on Goodreads): "IN THE AFTER has a couple of really bleak settings, so I think I'd mostly hate living in my post-apocalyptic world. I guess the one thing I would love would be all the candy bars I could scavenge...but that would probably get old really fast." 

K.A. Barson - 45 POUNDS (MORE OR LESS) (Add on Goodreads): "I live in the city where 45 POUNDS takes place, but our mall is not nearly as cool as the mall in the book. I'd love to shop there, buy a pretzel from Ann, and give Snapz! gift cards to all my teen friends and readers."

Claire Caterer - THE KEY AND THE FLAME (Add on Goodreads): "Modern-day Hawkesbury is a fictional Oxfordshire village. I'd absolutely love the forest and the castle and the surrounding countryside; I might get tired of the rain. But most of the story is set in Anglielle, which is the same place in an alternate universe. Still beautiful, and I would adore the magic and magicfolk that populate the place. Ruthless tyrant king and bad toileting facilities? er ... not so much." 

Lydia Kang - CONTROL (Add on Goodreads): "The modern conveniences would be so fun. There are these holo-studs you wear in your ear. You pinch it on, and it's like having a virtual computer/phone holographically floating in front of your face, for anything you needed, information or communication-wise.

Also, the food efferents. They're these microwave-looking food machines that give you anything you want to eat. They just needed to be preloaded with ingredients. Freshly made hot turkey with mashed potatoes, without any cooking! Mmm."

Kit Grindstaff - THE FLAME IN THE MIST (Add on Goodreads): "Oh to live in a constantly mist-shrouded version of medieval England, where the damp chill seeps into your very soul, where fear is rife and food is scarce, where every child has nightmares about the country's evil rulers, and where --

Um...Not! Unless, that is, someone could change all that, so I could enjoy England's beautiful rolling landscape under sunny skies (sometimes, at least Description: )) and in freedom. who might that someone be...?"

Kelsey J Sutton - SOME QUIET PLACE (Add on Goodreads): "SOME QUIET PLACE is told in Edson, Wisconsin, which is pretty much next door to where I live now. So I know I would love the nature aspect of it - there aren't cities or pollution, and you can actually see the stars at night. But I hate the fact that there isn't much to do! Whenever I go out with friends it's pretty much dinner, movie, or bowling."

Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner - THESE BROKEN STARS (Add on Goodreads): "THESE BROKEN STARS is a sci-fi shipwreck story, so Lilac and Tarver do without a lot! I'd hate most of what they eat, going without my comfy bed and the lack of a decent bath, but I'd love being stranded all on my lonesome with a very handsome soldier!"

Mindy McGinnis - NOT A DROP TO DRINK (Add on Goodreads): "Hmm... well, I guess it depends on which side of the setting I'm on. Either way, if I had water I'd be killing to protect it, and if I needed it I'd be dying to get it. Man, I'm hard on these imaginary people."

Christina Farley - GILDED (Add on Goodreads)
: "I lived for 8 years in GILDED's setting: modern day Seoul, Korea and I loved every moment of it. Seoul has the sharp contrasts of modern technology against ancient temples and pagodas. But being hunted by dragons and soul sucking immortals isn't something I recommend."

Ashley Elston - THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING (Add on Goodreads): "THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING is set in Natchitoches, Louisiana, a real town about an hour away from where I live. What I love most about Natchitoches is its small town feel with the cobble-stoned Front Street and old historic district. Oh, and the food! Yum, yum!"

Rachele Alpine - CANARY (Add on Goodreads): "Most of CANARY takes place at Beacon Prep, which is not a school I'd want to go to. The basketball players are the town's heroes and are exalted and idolized and "they can do no wrong" in most people's eyes. However, my main character Kate swims in her family's pool with the lights off at night for peace. I think it would be so cool to glide through a dark pool under the moon and stars."

Alison Cherry - RED (Add on Goodreads): "My book is set in Scarletville, Iowa, a small town where your social status is determined by the redness of your hair. I'm a big-city girl through and through, so I would never thrive there, especially with such closed-minded neighbors, but I'll admit it's kind of fun to think about moving to a place where I'd be ridiculously popular no matter what I did..."

Liz Coley - PRETTY GIRL-13 (Add on Goodreads): "I'd love to live in the setting of my book, a beautiful suburb in the shadow of the Angeles Crest mountains east of LA."

Kristin Halbrook - NOBODY BUT US (Add on Goodreads): "My setting is basically a 1973 Camaro that needs a new paint job traveling the road between Small Town, ND and Vegas. I do lots of road trips, tend to love them before they begin, like them less halfway though, then love them at the end again. The worst part is hunting down good food (but bliss when I find local gems!). The best? Gorgeous scenery."

Nicole McInnes - BRIANNA ON THE BRINK (Author Website):
"I love living in northern Arizona, where BRIANNA ON THE BRINK is set. That said, living anywhere - especially at a four-seasons altitude of 7,000 feet - as a teen who isn't sure from one day to the next whether she'll be homeless or not would be a hard thing to enjoy."

Jennifer Ann Mann - SUNNY SWEET IS SO NOT SORRY (Add on Goodreads): "The setting of SUNNY SWEET is a hospital. As long as you don't need to be there, hospitals are great to hang out in. The good ones are filled with energy and hope and kindness. And although I don't live at the hospital, I do choose to write in one many days of the week."

Liz Fichera - HOOKED (Add on Goodreads): "I live in Phoenix, Arizona, the setting for HOOKED. I'm originally from Chicago and if you'd have asked me years ago whether I'd live in the desert, I'd have said you're crazy. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else."

C.J. Flood - INFINITE SKY (Add on Goodreads): "I grew up in Derbyshire, the setting for INFINITE SKY, and I would love to live in the heatwave summer of the book. Baking corn on the cob, watching the sun set and lazing around in the cornfields is definitely my idea of a dreamy time. I could probably do without all the tragedy though."

And me? I would HATE to live in my book's world. Everything's watched and controlled by ACID, and a lot of people live in poverty. And even the few who live in luxury don't get much say over how they live their lives.

 Emma Pass grew up at an environmental studies centre near London, went to art school in Cornwall and now lives in the North-East Midlands, UK, with her artist husband. For 3 wonderful years she was lucky enough to share her life with The Hound, too (that's him in the picture). She is represented by Carolyn Whitaker at London Independent Books and her YA dystopian thriller ACID is out from Corgi/Random House on 2nd May 2013. You can find her blog here, view her website here and catch her procrastinating on Twitter here.

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