Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Honorary Lucky's Release: CRAGBRIDGE HALL: THE INVENTOR'S SECRET by Chad Morris

We are proud to present as an honorary member of the Luckies a 2013 debut writer, Chad Morris. Chad's book, CRAGBRIDGE HALL: THE INVENTOR'S SECRET (Shadow Mountain) releases this Tuesday. Instead of publicizing his book, going on blog tour, planning his release party, and doing all the really fun things that come along with launching a debut book, Chad given all of that up for an infinitely more important dream: his 9 year old daughter. Last Tuesday, she went in for brain surgery to remove a tumor that ended up being the size of two golf balls. Our hearts have gone out to Chad and his family. We all hope that everything is going well, and that his daughter will make a quick recovery.

We found ourselves wanting to do whatever we could to help in some way, and we decided that the best way was by giving his book all the attention it deserves. If you'd like to join us by tweeting, blogging, Facebooking, or using whatever social media you love, let's join forces to make his book launch be the best it can be!

If you'd like to read the story Chad posted about his daughter on the blog he and his writer-wife share, go here:


Imagine a school in the year 2074 where students don’t read history, but watch it happen around them; where running in gym class isn’t around a track, but up a virtual mountain; and where learning about animals means becoming one through an avatar.

Welcome to Cragbridge Hall, the most advanced and prestigious school in the world. Twin siblings Abby and Derick Cragbridge are excited as new students to use their famed grandfather’s inventions that make Cragbridge Hall so incredible. But when their grandfather and parents go missing, the twins begin following a trail of clues left by their grandfather. They must find out where their family is, learn who they can trust, and discover what secrets are hidden within Cragbridge Hall.

Abby and Derick soon realize they are caught in a race with a fierce adversary to discover their grandfather’s greatest secret–a dangerous discovery that could alter both history and reality.

“Cragbridge Hall keeps the pages turning with inventive gadgets, mystery, humor, and danger. Author Chad Morris offers a fantastical futuristic read that should engage kids and families.”
-- Brandon Mull, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series

About Chad: 

Chad Morris grew up wanting to become a professional basketball player or a rock star. (Inspired by Animal from the Muppets, he’s been banging on drums since he was eight years old.) After high school, he wrote and performed sketch comedy while going to college, and eventually he became a teacher and a curriculum writer. He lives in Utah with his wife and five kids. Chad would love to teach at Cragbridge Hall.

Unlike Oscar Cragbridge, however, he hasn’t really invented anything, though his son once sketched out blueprints for a machine that would turn celery into cookies.

Congrats on the release of your debut novel, Chad! We wish you and your family all the best things possible.


  1. Glad you're shouting out about this. And I shouted out on Facebook about Chad's debut. I hope his daughter is doing well.

  2. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

  3. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.