Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Pretty Girl-13

Today my baby book will be born in the US market. The gestation has been long. The story was conceived in the shower (kinky, I know) some time back in 2008. I felt the first really strong kicks on the seven hour drive over the West Virginia mountains coming back from Washington DC after Obama’s first inauguration in January 2009. The characters began introducing themselves, but all I could do was drive and try to avoid running off the road. I couldn’t write anything down.

Since I am on the annual Nanowrimo writing schedule, I spent that summer doing my research, waiting for November 1 to open the floodgates. November 2009 was a difficult and intense month. This was the first manuscript I didn’t write in order. A few chapters in, I had to write the stories that had revealed themselves on that long drive and then develop the connective tissue that held them together.

When people ask how long it took to write the novel, the answer is complicated. In actual writing time, the nano-draft took thirty days. On January 5, 2010, I sent the fleshed out first-draft manuscript to my first readers. On March 1, it went to my agents and began a long several months of revision. Pretty Girl-13 went out on submission in January 2011, was bought by HarperCollins in July. In January 2012, a mid-term ultrasound revealed what the face of the baby would look like—the cover reveal. The body continued developing during the long production period, culminating in release March 19, 2013. Even elephants and whales have gestation periods that look brief by comparison.

Now it’s time to send out the birth announcements and throw parties.

Visit me at LizColey.com and please buy my book at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, IndieBoundBAM, or your favorite local bookstore.

To watch the video book trailer, click here.


  1. Huge congrats on a beautiful baby!

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  3. Congrats!! Going to check it out right now.