Thursday, April 18, 2013


And now, for your reading enjoyment, a book birthday author stream of consciousness:


It's 12:00AM.

Oh wow, it's officially the book birthday for THE SYMPTOMS OF MY INSANITY!

Happy book birthday, Mindy! Thank you, Mindy!

Oh no, I'm talking to myself. Well, I'm blogging to myself. Get it together, Raf. Oh great, now I'm blog-talking to myself AND addressing myself by my last name.

My sister just informed me that my book just downloaded onto her kindle and she will be reading it on the plane. . . on the way to NYC. . .  for my book launch party. . . TONIGHT!


I ate nachos and ice cream simultaneously today. Why did I do that? Soon I'll be wearing a dress and reading from the book in front of people. I should make sure the dress still zips up. It's fine. I can just cover up the unzipped part with a cardigan. Maybe tonight I should wear leggings and a giant t-shirt with my book cover on it instead.

Wait, why don't I own a giant t-shirt with my book cover on it?


This is the worst book birthday Lucky13 blog post ever.

Okay, get it together Raf. Post something official now like the synopsis from the cover with some review quotes.


“It’s kind of crazy how you can pay so much attention to yourself and still not see a thing.”

Izzy is a hypochondriac with enormous boobs that won’t stop growing, a mother with a rare disease who’s hiding something, a best friend who appears to have undergone a personality transplant, and a date with an out-of-her-league athlete who just spilled Gatorade all over her. Yes, Izzy Skymen has a hectic life. But what Izzy doesn’t realize is that these are only minor symptoms of life’s insanity. When she discovers that the people she trusts most are withholding from her the biggest secrets, things are about to get epic — or is it epidemic?

“Self-deprecating humor, plenty of female support and a chance for real romance. A female Woody Allen for the teenage set”
(Kirkus Reviews)

“Light and funny yet grounded in the often painful sensibilities of teenagers. . . . A touching look at the confusion bred in the alliances of teens as they find their way in the world.”

“A refreshing upheaval of mean girl stereotypes”
(Publishers Weekly)

"Hilarious...a generous book, overstocked with characters and dialogue, and it should succeed in putting any reader’s problem into a wider, and funnier, perspective.


Good job! Now post the picture of the flyer for your book launch party tonight in NYC at 6:30 at Wix Lounge!

Perfect! Now for the love of checkered unitards, get some sleep!


Mindy Raf is a writer, comedy performer, and musician based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan, and grew up in a Detroit suburb right around here (visualize the bottom of your left thumb). She has written for VH1,, was a contributor to the “My Parents Were Awesome” anthology.  

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  1. Happy Book Birthday! I won't be at the party. Sadly it's a long drive from NC to NYC. But I will be looking for my copy to be delivered soon! Have fun!
    (I'd go with the dress!)