Friday, April 19, 2013

The Cover Scoop on NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Mindy McGinnis

Let's talk covers! I've had a phenomenal response from readers on the cover of NOT A DROP TO DRINK, so I thought I'd take some space here on the Luckies blog to talk about the process that landed me with such a gorgeous face for my debut baby.

One of the rules I had set for myself when I struck out on Publication Road was to not have a vision for my cover. I'm not a designer. I can't even draw stick figures. Seriously, all mine have polio. It's not my arena, and I know that. I didn't even imagine what I wanted the cover to look like. I had made a firm decision to not picture anything, and trust the art department at Katherine Tegen Books.

Then I got an advance copy of TAKEN by Erin Bowman - and I wanted her cover. Erin's a buddy of mine, so it was kind of like crushing on your friend's boyfriend. I clamped down on the feeling, ignoring the rush of emotions every time her cover caught my eye. I swear I might've blushed once or twice when I thought my TBR pile was checking me out when I wasn't looking.

I stuck by my goal of not having a vision for my cover, because telling my editor, "Yes, I'd like Erin Bowman's cover but with my name on it, okay? Thanks!" wasn't really the way to go. When the email came with my cover attached I took a deep breath, opened 'er up and said...

Wow. That's... kind of awesome.

I had a new love. One I didn't have to covet because it was MINE.

And guess what? Erin and I have the same designer - Erin Fitzsimmons. So thank you Erin, Erin & Fate. You're a good team.


  1. I know what you mean about getting that cover in and falling in love. When I first saw mine I knew I had what I wanted. Great cover such a haunted feeling when I look at it.

  2. I love both these covers. They are just so making. The subtle details just blow my mind.

  3. Those covers are two of my favorites!! I guess it makes sense that they're the same designer. Love them!

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