Friday, May 24, 2013

Kidlit Authors for Oklahoma Disaster Relief

This past Monday, a massive tornado hit the city of Moore in Oklahoma. It demolished 2 elementary schools, killing innocent children. A total of 24 people died, but many more lost their homes and all of their possessions.

The Lucky 13s have joined forces with the Friday the Thirteeners and the Enchanted Inkpot to help those  affected by the Oklahoma tornado. To that end, we are offering up a humongous extravaganza of a giveaway. Kidlit Authors for Oklahoma is starting today and will run for 2 weeks. Enter for your chance to win 1 of 5 book prize bundles and a chance to win a critique from our many wonderful authors.

To enter, all you have to do is donate $10 to the Red Cross fund at this link. That will earn you one entry. Each subsequent $10 donation is an additional entry. Once you've made your donation, please forward your Red Cross email receipt to and enter yourself into the drawing. You may enter once a day! Deadline is June 7th, 2013. Due to the size of these prizes we must limit this to US addresses only. However, the critiqes are open to everyone internationally! Thank you in advance for your support.

Lucky 13s YA Reader Prize Bundle 1:

Emma Pass - signed copy of her book ACID and signed postcards.

Justina Ireland - signed copy of VEGEANCE BOUND and an ARC of PROMISE OF SHADOWS (when she receives them this summer) 

Rachele Alpine - signed ARC of CANARY and swag

Ashley Elston - signed copy of THE RULES FOR DISAPPEARING and some swag

Jenn Stark - signed copy of MAID OF SECRETS and buttons

Amy Christine Parker - signed copy of GATED (when it's released)

Kate Karyus Quinn - signed copy of ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE and swag

Chelsea Pitcher - signed copy of THE S-WORD

Lenore Appelhans - signed copy of LEVEL 2 with Annotations!!

Susan Laidlaw - signed copy of AN INFIDEL IN PARADISE

Cat Winters - signed copy of IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS

Sarah Skilton - signed copy of BRUISED

Erin Richards - signed copy of VIGILANTE NIGHTS

Lucky 13s YA Reader Prize Bundle 2:

Maruene Goo - signed ARC of SINCE YOU ASKED

Liz Fichera - signed copy of HOOKED

Jennifer Salvato Doktorski - signed copy of HOW MY SUMMER WENT UP IN FLAMES and swag

Kelly Fiore - TASTE TEST charm bracelet

Laurie Boyle Cromptom - signed copy of BLAZE

Lindsey Scheibe - signed copy of RIPTIDE

Mindee Arnett - signed copy of THE NIGHTMARE AFFAIR

Lydia Kang - signed copy of CONTROL

Jess Verdi - signed copy of MY LIFE AFTER NOW

Lindsay Ribar - signed copy of THE ART OF WISHING

Debra Driza - signed copy of MILA 2.0

Erica Lorraine - signed copy of USES FOR BOYS

Emma Trevayne - signed copy of CODA

Lucky 13s MG Reader Prize Bundle:


Kit Grindstaff - signed copy of THE FLAME IN THE MIST and swag pack

Elisabeth Dahl - signed copy of GENIE WISHES and swag

Tamera Will Wissinger - signed copy of GONE FISHING: A NOVEL IN VERSE

Peggy Eddleman - signed ARC of SKY JUMPERS

Liesl Shurtliff - signed copy of RUMP

Laura Golden - signed copy of EVERY DAY AFTER and swag

Melanie Crowder - signed copy of PARCHED

A. B. Westrick - signed copy of BROTHERHOOD

Ink Pot Bundle:

Patricia Hoover - signed copy of SOLSTICE

Dawn Metcalf - signed ARC of INDELIBLE

Anne Nesbet - signed copies of CABINET OF EARTHS and BOX OF GARGOYLES

Cindy Pon - signed copies of Silver Phoenix, Fury of the Phoenix, and Diverse Energies

Leah Cypess - signed copies of Mistwood and Nightspell

Erin Cashman - signed copy of The Exceptionals

Friday the 13ers Bundle:

Shannon Messenger - signed copies of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES and LET THE SKY FALL

Kasie West - signed copy of PIVOT POINT

JR Johannson - signed copy of INSOMNIA

Erin Bowman - signed copy of TAKEN

Ellen Oh - signed copy of PROPHECY

Elsie Chapman - signed copy of DUALED

Natalie Whipple - signed copy of TRANSPARENT

Kristin Bailey - signed copy of LEGACY OF THE CLOCKWORK KEY


Kara Taylor - 3 chapter and query critique

Liz Fichera - Query Critique

Brandy Colbert - 3 chapter critique

Chelsea Pitcher - 2 chapter critique

Sara Polsky - 3 chapter and query critique

Lisa Gail Green - 10 page critique

Kelly Fiore - Query Critique

Liesl Shurtliff - 3 chapter and query critique

Kit Grindstaff - YA or MG 2 chapter critique

April Tucholke - Query critique

Alexandra Duncan - 50 page critique

Mindee Arnett - 5 page and query critique

Christy Farley - 3 chapter and query critique

Natalie Whipple - 10 page critique

Renee Collins - Query and 10 page critique

Lenore Appelhans - 1 chapter critique of a YA MS

Erica Lorraine - Query or 1 chapter critique of a YA MS

L.R. Giles - Query and 10 page critique

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  1. Awesome. My donations have already gone out, but I whole heartedly support your efforts here. =)

  2. Awesome bundles and for a much needed situation!

  3. A great idea, for a great cause.

  4. Way to go you guys! It's a good thing you're doing.

  5. Great cause. You are doing it all for such a good cause.

    All the best!

  6. This is a wonderful idea for such a great cause!

  7. You guys, rock! Thanks so much for donating to such a worthy cause.

    Christina @ Ensconced in YA