Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's the Final Countdown to GATED's Release!

Before I go into this post we all have to get into a celebratory mood. So whip out your concert lighters and acid washed jeans, people, because whenever I say the words "final countdown" I immediately think of the eighties and these guys (you can thank me for this little bit of big haired magic later):

Properly rocked out...or creeped out? Both are sort of appropriate because I'm on the blog today to talk about my contemporary thriller, GATED, and to mark the final two week countdown to the book's release. It doesn't even seem possible that it's almost here. But since it is, I figured maybe this might be a good time to help you get to know my book before it's out in the world. So, here are fourteen facts about GATED (and me) that you might not already know:

1. In the first draft, Lyla is much more attracted to Will than she is in the final draft and they share a somewhat smexy make out session just outside the Silo their community's underground apocalyptic shelter. This scene got cut very early on.

2. The horse that my MC rides everyday was inspired by a real horse, but I changed it's name from Pockets to Indy. The horse really does have a loose bottom lip that flaps around when it walks. It is ridiculously cute.

3. In the first draft of GATED Pioneer met Lyla at a public meeting he was speaking at in an old, defunct movie theater.

4. I wrote the entire book in longhand first.

5. I listened to Linkin' Park's "Waiting for the End to Come" while writing over and over and over again.

6. GATED took me seven months to revise and write. It's sequel...took me almost a year.

7. Lyla's comment about having the hots for Kyle Reese from The Terminator is the one direct similarity we share. I had a huge crush on Michael Biehn after that movie came out. HUGE.

8. The painting "Christina's World" by Andrew Wyeth was a huge inspiration for me while I wrote.

9. GATED was fueled by Coke Zero and Nutella. My body is still trying to shake off the consequences of this.

10. When I first began writing, I pictured the actor Hugh Laurie as Pioneer.

11. While writing this book I convinced Libba Bray (at a book signing) to loan me some of her juju so that maybe I'd end up with an agent/book offer like she did when she was my age. Her juju WORKS. I am the proof:-)

12. I avoided all fictional cult books while writing this book so I could try to avoid too many similarities between other authors' work and my own.

13. GATED was originally called THE SILO.

14. My husband still hasn't read this book. He's waiting for the hardcover copy.

If  this little teaser has made you want to read the book you can go here to get the lowdown:

Now all that's left to do is wait for August 6th!


  1. LOVED this! (The post and the book. :)) So fascinating!

  2. Thanks, ladies. So hard to believe that the book's this close to being out on shelves. Can't wait until it's time for both of yours!