Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Book Trailer? Excuses, excuses...

I recently posted this note on the bulletin board over my writing desk:

Fiction. 3 hours. No excuses.

Meaning DAILY. Meaning I need a reminder right now because I'm so full of excuses. Like writing this blog post. Like answering questions for online interviews. Like drafting talks that I’ll give to librarians this fall. Like laundry and groceries and even taking a shower. A shower! Puh-lease. Why wasn’t I born with a maintenance-free body? And sleep. Really? Just let me write fiction, okay?

But life happens. And a book trailer has happened, see?  

Click on the arrow above or watch the trailer here.

Designing a trailer is so different from writing fiction. It's fun. And the trailer is short—just under a minute—but lordy, so time-consuming! Yet another excuse not to write fiction.

I remind myself that I wrote two novels while I had a job and teenagers. One never sold and never will, but hey—I finished it. I used to get up early to write before heading to the office. I stopped seeing the kids off to school in the mornings, and you know what? They were fine. I saw them at dinner. It all worked, and over a few years my writing worked, too.

Now the kids are in college (but home for the summer, and thank goodness they sleep all morning) and I’ve resigned from the office job. But I’m frantic over the way everything other than fiction-writing demands my time. I tell myself: surely you can set aside three hours a day for fiction and handle the other demands during the rest of each day! But in this final month before the release of my debut, excuses abound.

“Cut yourself some slack,” friends tell me. “Enjoy every minute of your book launch and upcoming festivities!” And I think, yes, I will. And of course, I know this is a good problem to have.

But here’s the truth: I look forward to returning to the schedule I kept earlier this year: writing fiction six-to-eight hours a day. This is my job. And it keeps me sane. And I love it. And I want to give it more than three hours a day, but excuse me, I’ve got to go… there’s a blog interview waiting…

A.B. Westrick is the author of Brotherhood, a Junior Library Guild selection that Publishers Weekly calls "an impressive debut." You can read more about Brotherhood at her website,, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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