Monday, September 2, 2013

Cover Scoop: SKY JUMPERS by Peggy Eddleman

This is the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. No, wait-- no. This is the story about my cover.... which is remarkably similar to Goldilocks.

From the very beginning, I very purposely kept all thoughts of what I wanted to be far away. I knew that authors generally don't get a say in their covers, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't disappointed. But still, I had hoped that there would be sky jumping on the cover. (The book was originally titled "Through the Bomb's Breath," and although you do have to go through the Bomb's Breath to sky jump, that title didn't guarantee the scene I had hoped for. :))

My cover design team started in early April 2012 on the cover (yes, more than 17 months before release), in hopes that it would be finished in plenty of time for the August 2012 marketing launch. They worked with an artist whom I adore, making several renditions of the cover-- some sky jumping into the Bomb's Breath, and some not. When they showed the final cover at list launch and got everyone's reactions, they decided that the cover was too young and too cartoonish.

So, they went with cover artist number two in September-ish, about a year before release. Another artist I loved, and I was so excited to see what see what he came up with. This one didn't have the kids jumping into the Bomb's Breath, but had some serious skill with creating characters. After a month or two of working with him, they decided that the cover was too old and too realistic.

Then, late December, at the point where everyone was getting panicked that the cover still hadn't come together (and I was dying for a cover), they found artist Owen Richardson. When he turned in his first color sketch, we all knew they had chosen the artist that got it just right. The age fit the target audience, and on the scale of cartoonish to realistic, it hit in just the right spot.

So, in April of this year, almost a YEAR TO THE DAY from when work on the cover began, my cover was revealed, and everyone cheered and breathed a sigh of relief. It was finally done! I think my cover team deserves a medal for their hard work and willingness to stick with it until it was.... Yep, you got it-- just right.

Peggy Eddleman lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Utah with her husband and their three kids. She enjoys painting, playing games with her family (especially laser tag), and of course, reading. You can visit Peggy online at here:



  1. Such an interesting cover story. I had no idea publishers would hire more than one illustrator to do the cover.

  2. i love the cover! Can't wait to see the next one now!

  3. It is SUCH a beautiful cover! Thanks for sharing its backstory.