Monday, October 21, 2013

Meanwhile . . . . Middle Grade


This month for Meanwhile Middle Grade I thought we’d play the very popular, almost famous game of “Name that Middle Grade Debut Author.” 
How well do you know the Lucky 13 Middle Grade Authors? 
1.  Who was pictured in his/her 11th grade yearbook in the green and orange striped shirt he/she sewed?
2.  Who is known as a baby whisperer on Twitter?
3.  Who would love to live in a treehouse?
4.  Who was cast as a dog in the school production of Peter Pan
5.  Who sold a feature film script about a very, very bad cat "Fluffy" to Disney's Hollywood Picture?
6.  Who likes to stick his/her head out the car window like a dog?
7.  Who escaped unwanted sisterly love by hiding in the closet or in the tree in the backyard?
8.  Who turns books into purses?
9.  Who wrote his/her first book at age 9 and first songs at 17?
10.  Who was a spy as a child?
11.  Who was a hypochondriac and is obsessed with parenthetical phrases?
12.  Whose family license plate growing up was 8SGREAT?
13.  Whose summer job was counting fish?
14.  Who always wanted to be a cheerleader but never was one?
15.  Who earned the title Miss Muscles for being able to do more pull-ups than anyone else in school?
16.  Who was bitten by a rattlesnake and survived (obviously)?
17.  Who was born in Calcutta and moved to the states when he/she was 14?
18.  Who recently learned from her mom how to crochet?
19.  Who wore a Tina Turner wig at the Super Bowl and danced behind Christina Aguilera?
20.  Who was scared of piano lessons and hated the 50-yard dash?

21.  Who lives with a flabbergasting amount of toys?
Answers are listed below.

1.  A.B. Westrick


 16.  Polly Holyoke

Thanks for playing!




  1. And here I thought I knew my fellow Luckies so well! Thanks for such a funny and revealing post, Nancy! --from the treehouse lover

  2. Ha! I love it! So much awesome here!

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  4. Bravo! I loved reading this. Thanks so much, Nancy.