Monday, November 18, 2013

Meanwhile Middle Grade Luckies Are Thankful For...

As our 2013 debut author year draws to a close, we thought it would be appropriate to pause, take stock and look back. Here are, mostly in thirteen words or less, some of the people and things we are so very grateful for.

Love, support, and laughs from family, friends, and readers. Also: wine, cheese, chocolate!

Caroline Carlson, author of MAGIC MARKS THE SPOT

I am so grateful for my writing community--VCFA, EMLA, Lucky 13s--especially my beta readers and writing partners. I couldn't do this without them!

Melanie Crowder, author of PARCHED

I'm grateful to longtime friends who have quietly tolerated this period of self-promotion.

Elisabeth Dahl, author of GENIE WISHES

I am most grateful for my husband. I adore his daily reminder that, “It’s not always about your book.”

Jennifer Ann Mann, author of SUNNY SWEET IS SO NOT SORRY

I’m grateful to be able to type, “I had a debut author year.”

James Iver Mattson, author of OH MY GODMOTHER: THE GLITTER TRAP

I am so grateful / for a whole plateful / of Lucky 13 writer friends.

Barbara Brauner, author of OH MY GODMOTHER: THE GLITTER TRAP

Tis cliché, but I’m grateful for seeing writing dreams come true this year.

Karen Harrington, author of SURE SIGNS OF CRAZY

Publishers, editors, writers, reviews,
The Lucky 13s and our Lucky debuts,
Teachers, librarians, booksellers, too,
Parents and children, book lovers and you!

Tamera Will Wissinger, author of GONE FISHING

Family, friends, Bluebonnet Committee Librarians, teachers, readers, Lucky 13ers, editors, agent and readers!

Polly Holyoke, author of THE NEPTUNE PROJECT

I’m grateful for my awesome readers. They’ve made it a wonderful debut year!

Claire M. Caterer, author of THE KEY & THE FLAME

I'm most thankful for Sourcebooks my publisher - they've done amazing things with RATCHET.

Nancy J. Cavanaugh, author of THIS JOURNAL BELONGS TO RATCHET

Supportive family, book finally released, pumpkin pie almonds, & a warm house.

Peggy Eddleman, author of SKYJUMPERS

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  1. I second, third and fourth all these! And add that I'm so thankful to be able to on tour with 6 other MG Luckies right now. COMMUNITY! How great is that.