Monday, December 16, 2013

MEANWHILE ... MIDDLE GRADE: All They Want for Christmas

Our middle-grade characters all yearn for something, and as writers, we usually throw roadblocks in their way. But just for today, in honor of the holiday season, we're letting our characters voice their deepest wishes. Maybe Santa will be kind to them this year.

Holly Shepard started out the year yearning for adventure, and now that she's had a taste of it, her ordinary American life seems more mundane than ever. Holly is dying to get back to Anglielle to drive back its ruthless king and (maybe!) sail the high seas. She'll get her chance in The Wand & the Sea (Margaret K. McElderry, spring 2015).
--Claire M. Caterer (The Key & the Flame, Margaret K. McElderry Books) Facebook  Twitter

Genie Haddock Kunkle (aka Genie Wishes) would most like to navigate her fifth-grade year on her own terms, not those of the class's boy-crazy new girl. If that means letting go of the best friend she's had since kindergarten, so be it.
--Elisabeth Dahl (Genie Wishes, Amulet Books) Facebook  Twitter

At the top of Hope's wish list is the ability to invent. Since all technology was wiped out, inventing is what her town values most. It's also what she's the worst at. Not only is it affecting the way her town treats her, but it's keeping her dad from running for Council Head. She knows it's important, so she plans to get it through sheer determination and hard work. (But she's not going to get it wrapped up in a pretty package the way she hopes, because sometimes you just plain stink at things, and that's all there is to it. ;))
--Peggy Eddleman (Sky Jumpers, Random House) Facebook  Twitter  blog

Main character Jemma has two burning desires, one short term, the other longer term. Short term, she wants to celebrate . . . well, not to be spoilerish, I'll just say, celebrate the outcome she's brought about. Why? She's had enough of shadows! Long term, she wants to wipe out any lingering effects of the Agromond rulers' cruelty. For example, sixteen-year-old Caleb is still crippled by a curse put on him as an infant by Nox Agromond. Having herself suffered at the hands of the Agromonds, she's fired by Caleb’s plight and is determined to help him and others like him. She intends to travel around the country and work her burgeoning magical healing powers in whatever way she can.
--Kit Grindstaff (The Flame in the Mist, Delacorte) Facebook  Twitter

My main character is Fortuna Dalliance. She has just befriended a boy who is really a bird and she wants two things more than anything: She wants him to teach her how to fly; and she wants him to remain a boy and not get changed back.
--Judy Hoffman (The Art of Flying, Disney Hyperion)

 My heroine Nere Hanson is very happy that Disney Hyperion just gave her a sequel (The Neptune Challenge) in which she can continue to have more exciting undersea adventures. She would like to settle into her new home at Safety Harbor with her dolphins and find out more about her gorgeous and mysterious friend Dai.

--Polly Holyoke (The Neptune Project, Disney Hyperion)

More than anything, Masha Sweet wishes for a horse! She has been dreaming of her very own horse forever. Masha's dream may be coming true because her father has announced that he is taking Masha and her little sister, Sunny, to a Dude Ranch and that he has a surprise for them. But Sunny doesn't like she plans a surprise of her own.
--Jennifer Ann Mann (Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry, Bloomsbury Children's Books) Facebook  Twitter

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